Chiropractic Techniques

How are the joints, muscles, and nervous system supposed to work?

What area or system is not working properly?

What are the events or activities that led to the problem?

How can the problems be corrected and then prevented in the future?

Answers to these questions will help us develop a treatment plan that is safe and effective with a long-lasting result. Treatment plans may consist of a series of chiropractic adjustments, stretching & strengthening exercises, nutritional recommendations, and lifestyle modifications. The type and number of treatments is tailored to the patient's needs, schedule, and goals.


Collins Chiropractic & Diagnostics offers a wide variety of techniques and approaches based upon each patient's needs. After a thorough consultation and examination, Dr. Collins will discuss with you all options available.


Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques 

Dr. Collins utilizes several adjusting techniques, including manual therapies and instrument-assisted methods. Whether you prefer gentle, gradual techniques or a more traditional style of adjusting, Dr. Collins will determine which approaches are best suited for your condition.


Trigger Point Therapy

The primary purpose of Trigger Point Therapy is to reduce the pain that results from hypersensitive muscles. Trigger points are identified by gently pressing on the surface of the skin, sensing the texture of the underlying muscle.

A trigger point is like a knot the size of a pea, buried deep in the muscle tissue. It is made up of lactic acid, a normal byproduct of muscular activity, which sometimes gets trapped in the muscle from physical, chemical or emotional stress.

Drop Table

This technique makes use of specialized drop-piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the spine until the thrust is given. Then, each drop-piece gently gives way, reducing the pressure needed to move a specific spinal segment.


Functional Exercise

At CC&D, we believe that while it is important to help relieve pain, it is more important to correct the dysfunction that led to the pain. Therefore, we take a simple, low-tech approach to rehabilitation that addresses the activities of daily life. Exercise prescriptions are geared toward each patient's lifestyle, exercise habits, and personal needs, whether you wish to excel as an elite athlete or pick up your child without pain.

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