Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is a whole-body approach to health and wellness. Rather than treating symptoms and managing chronic conditions, a functional approach seeks the true cause of health problems and applies natural solutions to them.  

Many chronic health problems come from two sources--either the lack of something or an excess of something. The body may be lacking nutrients, motion, stability, or balance. Similarly, the body may have too much toxic exposure from food or environmental factors, excess stress, or extra calories. When these deficiencies or excesses develop, health problems result.

Functional Diagnostics

For many, chronic health conditions completely change a person's outlook on life. Simple activities and pleasures of daily living are often altered or removed because of fatigue, chronic pain, digestive problems, poor immunity, or depression.


Our approach to these problems is to first view the patient as a whole, taking their lives, family, work, habits, goals, hopes, and dreams into consideration. Through history and physical examination, we can then determine what type of diagnostic testing needs to be considered. There are a variety of tests available, including:


  • Blood Chemistries: Evaluation of cholesterol, thyroid, red & white blood cells, liver & kidney function, cardiovascular risk factors, and hormones can offer valuable information about a patient's nutritional status.
  • Food Sensitivity Screening: A measurement of how the body reacts to a variety of foods. A food trigger may cause inflammation anywhere in the body and can be very difficult to trace. The most common food reactions include digestive problems, skin reactions, sudden fatigue, sinus problems, pain, and headaches.
  • Specific Nutrient Analysis: Nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Essential Fatty Acids, and others can be directly measured where deficiency is suspected.

We use common laboratory testing and reliable nutritional data to identify and treat health problems related to poor nutrition.

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